We are working for the protection and promotion of women and children's human rights in Nepal.

Welcome to CWAD

Established in 1997, Centre for Women’s Awareness and Development (CWAD), is a leading organization working for the protection and promotion of women and children’s human rights in Nepal. CWAD believes that violation of women’s civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, in formal and informal institutions, perpetuates vicious cycle of violence against them. Guided by human rights based integrated approach and feminist perspective, CWAD’s works encompasses grassroots to national and international level policy advocacy, networking, capacity building and developing women’s agencies. Working with duty bearers at all levels to create support mechanisms to improve access to justice, peace, and good governance and policy provisions for women, girls, children and marginalized communities also characterizes CWAD engagement.

About Us

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Thematic Area

Awareness and Education
  • Gender Sensitization
  • Violence Against Women
  • Human Trafficking/ Safe Migration
  • Girl Education
  • Legal Empowerment
  • Counseling
  • Mediation
  • Access to Justice
  • Informal Education
  • Climate Change
Training and Capacity Building
  • Gender Based Violence
  • Human Rights
  • Mediation
  • Social Movilazation Skill
  • Leadership Development
  • Advocacy
  • Gender Transformative Education and Management
  • Legal Empowerment and Pro Bono
  • Paralegal
  • Gender Equality and CEDAW Promotion
  • Campaign of Change for Gender Equality
Research and Advocacy
  • Legal Rights of Women and Children
  • Protection and Promotion of Women’s Human Rights
  • Access to Justice
  • Participation of Women in Decision-making Levels
  • Combat Trafficking and Violence Against Women
Networking and Collaborations
  • Coalition Against Gender Based Violence
  • CEDAW Shadow Report Committee
  • Beyond- Beijing Committee
  • Women Security Pressure Group
  • Pro Bono Steering Commitee
  • Legal Aid Working Group

Our Works

We work for the protection and promotion of women and children. we have been working since 1997 in best possible ways

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